• 245 megawatt cogeneration facility
  • Fueled by pulverized coal
  • Electricity sold to Atlantic City Electric and DuPont
  • Steam sold to DuPont
  • Employs more than 60 people
  • Contributes more than $6.5 million per year to the local economy through payroll, taxes and purchases
  • Entered commercial service in March 1994


The Carneys Point Generating Plant, located on the grounds of the DuPont Chambers Works facility in Carneys Point Township, New Jersey, is a 245 megawatt cogeneration facility. Fueled by pulverized coal, it provides up to 188 megawatts of reliable, economical electricity — enough for approximately 188,000 homes — to Atlantic City Electric, plus additional electricity to DuPont. Carneys Point also supplies the Chambers Works complex with all of its process steam. Uncommitted capacity and energy beyond the Atlantic City Electric and DuPont requirements are sold into the regional wholesale market.


Carneys Point is one of the cleanest coal-fueled electric generating facilities in the United States. The plant features advanced technologies that reduce air emissions to levels well within federal and state standards, and significantly lower than average emissions from existing fossil-fueled power plants in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Carneys Point was the first commercial-scale pulverized-coal plant in the United States to use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. In pioneering SCR use, Carneys Point established a new standard for low nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions for coal-fueled plants.

The SCR system injects ammonia vapor into the flue gas, in the presence of a special catalyst, which causes nitrogen oxides to separate into simple elemental nitrogen and water vapor, or steam. The plant also employs a spray dryer absorption (SDA) system, designed to eliminate 93 percent of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions. The SDA system feeds a mixture of lime and water into an atomizer that reduces the liquid to a very fine spray. The mist-like spray mixes with incoming flue gases, capturing the sulfur, and forming a dry powder. The powder is then removed in the dust collection system. Some of the dust may then be recirculated to reduce the plant's lime consumption. Finally, more than 99.9 percent of the remaining dust is captured in two 10-compartment filter units, known as baghouses, which together are lined with more than 6,000 Teflon®-coated fiberglass bags.

For fuel delivery from the rail cars to the coal handling building, a sophisticated unloading system was designed with unique environmental features that eliminate coal dust emissions.

Water for the facility's operations is provided by DuPont, and water discharges are processed by DuPont's wastewater treatment plant. The generating plant is designed to protect wetlands. Storm water run-off is held in basins to allow sediments to settle. Water flow into the surrounding wetlands is controlled.


Carneys Point Generating Plant is owned by Chambers Cogeneration L.P., an affiliate of National Energy & Gas Transmission, Inc.

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